Crypto Earn Review and their mobile wallet have a lot of things going on. It lets you buy, sell and pay with crypto. Get crypto backed loans, invest in a managed portfolio and via their Visa cards you can get up to 5% cash back on all purchases as well as 100% cashback on your Netflix and Spotify bills making your streaming services essentially cost nothing.

All of this is great, but not what we are going to focus on in todays post.

Instead we are looking at their newer “Crypto Earn” program which allows you to earn up to 8% annually on your crypto with interest paid out weekly.

Putting things into perspective, currently in the USA or Australia for example, your traditional banks with their “High Interest Savings Accounts” will only give you up to around 2 – 2.4% annually (give or take).

That means with you can earn as much as 4x more per year for your hard-earned money.

What cryptocurrencies can you earn interest on?

Currently the earn program is activated for BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB and MCO as well as USD pegged stable coins like USDC, TUSD and PAX.

The interest you earn will vary depending on whether you own and stake the MCO token, as well as what term deposit you choose.

Let’s look at the numbers:

TermInterest Earned
(Without MCO staked)
Interest Earned
(With MCO staked
1 Month4%6%
3 Month6%8%

As you can see, if you are willing to lock up your crypto for 3 months at a time you’ll earn much more than if you go for the Flexible option, though that means you are unable to touch your coins for three months vs being able to take them out at any time you like.

For those that plan on holding their coins long term anyway, this is not going to be an issue.

Unless you only have a very small amount to invest, I highly suggest you purchase the required 50 MCO tokens and stake them via the app to unlock the better interest rates.

At the time of writing, 50 MCO tokens will cost you $193 USD or 0.0169225 BTC

When you stake these tokens you still own them and after 3 months if you want, you can un-stake and sell them. Though selling them would mean you no longer get the higher interest rates moving forward.

As a bonus, for staking those tokens you’ll also get $50 worth of MCO free which you can instantly sell for another currency if you wish. We’ll talk about how to claim the $50 towards the end of this post.

What currency will your interest be paid in?

Unlike some competitors in the crypto finance space, to get the higher interest rate, you will not be forced to accept interest being paid out in the company’s own token.

With you’ll always be paid out in the same currency that you have in your account.

For example, If I put some BTC, LTC and TUSD into the Crypto Earn program then I’ll be paid all three of those currencies direct to my wallet ready to spend, every single week.

This is very appealing to me as I don’t want to always have to deal with converting the tokens to the coins I want to hold each week.

My personal thoughts and experience so far

The app is very simple to use, the interest has been paid on time every time and it’s just super nice to see my holdings grow rather than just sitting idle in a normal wallet.

I was previously using Celsius, but their interest rates kept going down and just couldn’t compete with what has to offer. I’m extremely happy I made the switch, now earning nearly 3% more than I was and getting a bonus $50 on top of that to boot.

How do you get started?

The wallet is available on both Android and iOS so you’ll need to install the app on your device.

IMPORTANT: To get the FREE $50 of MCO you’ll need to sign up via the link below (or enter code: b8eu8dwpqf ) and then stake 50 MCO.

Click here to sign up

Once you’ve got the app installed and you’re logged into your account the next step will be to put some funds in your wallet.

You can either send cryptocurrencies you already own or purchase directly via the app with a credit or debit card.

If you are looking to stake MCO in order to take advantage of the higher interest rate, your first step would be to purchase 50 MCO and then stake it via the “Card” section in the bottom right of the app.

From there you can move any funds into the earn program by clicking on the menu button which is down the bottom centre of the app and clicking on  “Earn” – Follow the prompts to choose which coins you wish to earn interest on and choose one of the 3 term options.

Next just sit back and enjoy getting those notifications each week as they pay out your interest!


It’s time to ditch the traditional savings account and make your money work harder for you!

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